Windows WLAN Sniffing with [Npcap&Wireshark]

System info

OS: Windows 10 (64bit)
LAN: TL-WN722N (or other wlan card supported monitor mode)

Wlan Sniffing on windows Sequence

  1. Check wlan driver support Monitor Mode
  2. install Npcap
  3. Change Wlan mode using WlanHelper (in Npcap)
  4. Wireless lan sniffing on windows!

1. Check Wlan dirver support Monitor Mode


Execute cmd.exe

Execute this command

> netsh wlan show wirelesscapabilities

Check your wlan card support Monitor mode, and remember “interface name

if “Not supported” then you can’t change mode to monitor T^T
(you need change or update wlan driver)

2. Install Npcap

Winpcap is not supported Monitor mode.
But Npcap is the support monitor mode and another function that doesn’t support winpcap.
And WlanHelper.exe in Npcap can change to monitor mode.

Download npcap-0.80.exe (Lastest version 0.80 [02-14-2017]) and install. (check all checkbox)
Now you can using WlanHelper.exe

3. Change Wlan mode using WlanHelper (in npcap)

Execute wlanhelper.exe with interface name and another options

Change interface mode

WlanHelper <interface> mode <managed|monitor|master|…>


Print current interface mode

WlanHelper <interface> mode

If change mode then print current interface mode

4. Wlan Sniffing on Windows!

airodump-ng is not support npcap,
So you can testing using wireshark. 

Wireshark -> capture interface -> monitor mode [check]  and string capture.
now you can Sniffing on windows using wireshark

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